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Miracle cat survives arrow wound through head in Washington City
| Wednesday, February 05, 2014, 8:00 pm |

Written by Michael Flynn

A cat is recovering at the Washington Family Veterinary Clinic after it was found on Wednesday morning, shot through the face with an arrow.

The cat, which clinic workers guess is less than 1 year old, has affectionately been named Quiver by the staff at the clinic. She was found at Nisson Park in Washington sometime around 9:30 a.m. on Feb. 5, hiding in a bush with the arrow still stuck through her head and torso.

"She was just laying on the ground, hiding under a bush," said Candice Zook, a volunteer with One More Chance C.A.T.S., an animal rescue group that spays, neuters and provides emergency care for injured stray cats throughout Washington County.

"She was just laying on the ground, hiding under a bush." Photo courtesy of Candice Zook

A veterinary technician at the Washington Family Veterinary Clinic, who asked that her name be withheld, said the arrow looked to be about two feet long.

“The arrow went in through her face to the left of her nose,” the technician said. The arrow continued downward through Quiver’s upper palate and into her mouth through her neck, she said, and the arrow tip was sticking out of her back between her shoulder blades.

“She was skewered that way,” she said. “It was out both sides, through her face and out through her shoulder blades.”

An X-ray revealed the exact position of the arrow so the veterinarian could safely remove it. Photo courtesy of Washington Family Veterinary Clinic

The veterinarian was able to remove the arrow, which appeared to have been lodged into Quiver’s body for at least a few days.

The wounded cat was discovered by Zook and another volunteer with One More Chance C.A.T.S. Zook, who looks after a number of strays in Nisson Park, believes Quiver was recently abandoned by her owners. Unlike feral cats, which are usually fearful or hostile toward humans, Quiver appears to be quite affectionate. Zook said she is hopeful the cat will be adopted once she recovers from her injuries.

The Washington Family vet technician said Quiver is doing surprisingly well.

“I’ve never seen a cat with an arrow through its head,” she said. “When she first got here, I had very little hope for her. Now, she’s sitting here eating and responding to us.”

However, the technician added that the cat's wounds are very serious. 

“There’s a massive infection,” she said. “There’s a hole from the roof of her mouth through her nasal cavity. She now has a cleft palate created by the arrow.”

Photo courtesy of Washington Family Veterinary Clinic

The wound, she said, is particularly problematic because when Quiver eats, the food actually comes through the open wound above her nose, which makes it difficult to fight infection. The veterinarian who treated Quiver hopes to be able to close the wound once the cat is stable enough to be sedated. Tomorrow, the technician said, they plan to take barium X-rays to get a better idea of how much damage the arrow caused.

Ed Kantor, the public information officer for the Washington City Police Department, said police are looking into the incident but have no suspects at this time.

One More Chance C.A.T.S. is financing the veterinary care for the cat, which will likely be thousands of dollars. Anyone wishing to help out with Quiver’s recovery is asked to call or visit the Washington Family Veterinary Hospital and tell them you wish to contribute to the One More Chance "Smash Fund," which provides emergency care for injured animals like Quiver.

The Washington Family Veterinary Clinic is located at 969 N. 3050 East in St. George. The clinic can be reached by calling (435) 627-1300.

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