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Washington City cat shot through with arrow expected to fully recover
| Friday, February 07, 2014, 1:00 pm |

Kris Neal, of One More Chance C.A.T.S., visits with Quiver at the Washington Family Veterinary Clinic on Feb. 7. Photo courtesy of Kris Neal

Written by Michael Flynn

Quiver, the cat found in a Washington City park on Wednesday morning with an arrow shot through her, underwent successful surgery yesterday to repair some of the damage caused by the arrow.  The staff at Washington Family Veterinary Clinic, where Quiver is receiving care, say they are optimistic she will make a full recovery.

“We have high hopes for her,” said Shanna Faapuna, a veterinary technician at the clinic.

“She doesn’t look too hot right now,” Faapuna said Thursday afternoon, just an hour after Quiver emerged from the operating room, “but her attitude is amazing.”

The surgery closed open wounds in the cat’s mouth that were interfering with her ability to eat. The arrow left a half-inch diameter hole through Quiver’s nose, which continued through into her mouth and the rest of her body. Prior to the surgery, she was not able to eat without food leaking through the open wound, aggravating her already dangerous infections.

Quiver can now eat normally, Faapuna said; however, they were not able to reach a hole further down in the cat’s esophagus. That wound will have to heal on its own, she said, adding they are concerned that scar tissue may form around the wound in Quiver’s esophagus.

Photo by Michael Flynn

“It may scar down to where she maybe has trouble passing food,” Faapuna said. “Even if that happens, she could be fed a small amount of soft diet and she’d be OK.”

Washington City Police collected the arrow Quiver was shot with once it had been removed from the cat, to be used as evidence in their ongoing investigation of the incident. It is believed Quiver was shot sometime last weekend.

“It did have a sharp tip,” Faapuna said. “It looked like a bullet on the tip. I’m not familiar with what arrows are called, but it wasn’t like the flat arrowhead tips; it was round like a bullet.”

Washington City Police are asking anybody with information about the shooting, which could have occurred anytime between Saturday and Tuesday, to call the Washington City Animal Shelter at (435) 673-7194.

Anyone wishing to contribute to a fund to help finance the care and recovery of Quiver and other rescued cats and dogs in need of emergency medical care may donate to the One More Chance emergency medical fund at the Washington Family Veterinary Clinic. The clinic is located at 969 N. 3050 East in St. George, in the shopping center near Sportsman’s Warehouse, and can be reached by calling (435) 627-1300. For more information about the One More Chance C.A.T.S. rescue organization, visit

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